Project Description

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„Adveeeenture!!!“ the munich treehouse calls in all wind directions. Girls and boys whirl out into the garden like they’ve just been torn from sleep. Armed with hats, booty pouches and wooden sticks they do what they can’t help doing: being wild.


First they storm the platform up a steep ladder. While one part of the gang is racing up the next ladder to the crow’s nest, the others open their base in the cedar house. Spyglass, treasure map and cookies lie ready for operation on the wooden table.


Straight faced and with cookie crumbles around the mouth the gang reviews the situation while sprawling on the three folding beds. „Max, you distract mum and dad, while you, Mary, get the cookie jar via the fireman pole. The others provide cover or guard the treehouse. Fran and Chris, you monitor the crow’s nest in the mean while. Our little Sophie is staying here swinging. Everybody ready?”