Project Description

In the middle of a rustic oak forest, our youngest treehouse first saw the lights of day on a ittle clearing. Six trees and only one stilt carry the sprout. His first whoop of life was addressed to his future parents: a girl and her two brothers. With sparkling eyes they explore their offspring. They scramble up the ships-ladder all excited to a sunlit platform. They cautiously swing across the 25ft. long suspension bridge. There they welcome the secret guard of the house: Ninjas, worked into the window blinds.
Inside a camp with a cozy sheepskin, wooden benches and a table awaits them. A ladder shows the way up. The snug sleeping loft under the pointed roof gives them goosebumps. They can barely believe their luck. The view from above is magic! Surrounded by half sunken trees in the marsh and thick fern as far as the eye can reach, the kids wouldn’t be surprised to meet a druid harvesting his mistletoes.
There’s still so much to discover! A rope ladder serves the girl as secret way up, a firemans pole and a stainless steel slide for the boys as a quick way down. At sunset the youngest brother is snoring in the hammock below the treehouse. Each day should end like that.