Project Description

We’ve never built a treehouse as deep in the woods as this one. Right in the heart of a forest plot in the Chiemgau area in Bavaria, this well-hidden retreat sits enthroned between tall spruces, larches and birches. A narrow spiral staircase winds itself up a tree to a sunlit viewing platform. From there an adventurous suspension bridge leads to the enchanted treehouse which stretches over two stories.
To give it an overgrown look, we used high-grade reclaimed wood as siding. A generous window facade provides for bright and warm light, while the sleeping bunks in the second floor radiate coziness. In case of emergency we equipped the treehouse with a firemans pole for the fast descent, because for this quiet place there exists an even quieter place – in a safe distance.
P.S.: the whole construction process was supervised by our new employee Molli. From now on the Labradoodle-Lady is responsible for worksite safety. Right now she’s completing the tool-retrieval training with us. After finishing her apprenticeship she will receive her own toolbox to support us at our builds.