Project Description

We had a great time building this adventurous treehouse for a family of four in Ingolstadt, Bavaria: the sun provided us with perfect working conditions, the parents took good care of us with yummy food and the children were very entertaining. A natural born treehouse builder, the 7 1/2 years old daughter proved very useful during the installation of the suspension bridge.

The stilt-house with a round window to the main house is situated between three gorgeous beech-trees. Above the cedar-shingled roof, squirrels can be observed through the skylight. Another feature is the double swing, whose girder is attached to the treehouse.

There are two possible ways to exit the treehouse: if you’re in a hurry, just shoot down the sliding pole from the porch in no time. Or you stroll over the suspension bridge to the roof of the garden shed the laid-back way. A steep ladder takes you down from there.

One half of the shed not only stows all the tools, potting soil or bikes, it’s also a perfect hideout. The walk-in rabbit hutch in the other half provides safe shelter for the furry rodents. At the hutch there’s also a name plate for the inhabitants and a wooden doorbell.