Project Description

The days are numbered, the youngest and eighth treetop-wonder of the Treehousehotel Seemuehle is accomplished! Up to four persons can kick back and relax in this treehouse with its octagonal floor plan. A ground-level bridge leads to the 260 sq.ft. retreat.
The treehouse, which is only supported by a big old Spessart-oak tree, was built with our latest and particularly tree-friendly system. In the evenings the 90 sq.ft. balcony welcomes its guests to have a bbq, read or listen to the birds.
The roof of the cozy sleeping loft is tiled with fragrant cedar shingles, a skylight offers views of the surrounding forest and the sky above. Two guests can doze off here counting stars or listen to the secret whispering of the trees. Or have you never heard of the Wood Wide Web?