• Who we are:
    The baumbarons accompany you implementing your treehouse-dreams right from the start: from the first drawing over statics and planning to the actual build. We are your contact for the realization of small and big treehouse dreams – no matter whether it’s going to be a platform for the mountain view, a place to play under the protecting canopy, a place for tea-time with your friends or the option of a special night in a treehouse for your hotel guests.
  • Having the most experience throughout Germany building treehouse hotels, we are a competent partner also for hoteliers and those who would like to become such. We won’t rest until you’re completely satisfied.
  • Last but not least you benefit from a core team of four crew members with many years of treehouse building experience. When required we draw on our reliable network of experienced treeclimbers, engineers and carpenters with a big passion for treehouses.

Our recent projects:

5 steps to your treehouse:


Customer request

During a preliminary talk we’re going to determine your ideas and wishes to be able to estimate the approximate amount of your investment.



Together with you we examine the possible trees on your property and pick the best place for your treehouse. We then take some measurements and shoot pictures of the trees and shape your wishes and ideas.



Now we create and send you a virtual 3D-Model together with a detailed offer and precise specification.


Time frame

Upon acceptance of our offer and signing of the contract we set an execution date, providing for all change requests as long as possible.



After prefabricating parts in our workshop, we can start building the treehouse on your property.
Glowing children’s eyes
Fullfilled dreams
Steps closer to heaven

Our team:

Johannes Schelle
Johannes SchelleMaster of carpentry, Constructional Engineer, Restorer in Carpentry, Treeclimber, founder and head of baumbaron GmbH, treehouse expert, tutor at the University of Applied Sciences Munich
Like his team, he has turned his passion for the building material wood, for trees and for nature into his profession. He is happy every day to be able to live the dream of building treehouses. Provides his team with the best food and finest tools. Johannes spend his wedding night in his own treehouse.
Christopher Richter
Christopher RichterResponsible for Treehouse-Design and Planning
He is the man with the eye for beautiful details. If it’s about highest precision, he’s the man to go to. He learned his outstanding skills with the true expert Pete Nelson and his crew in the USA. He’s more and more doing wonderful designs these days. And he loves the smell of cedar shingles.
Rainer Rohm
Rainer RohmQualified Engineer, planning and construction
Our brain – there’s nothing he couldn’t calculate and draw. Whether it’s spiral staircases, the most complicated roof constructions or unimaginable connections to trees, our Rainer makes it possible. Always available, even in India every technical detail is callable. If we wouldn’t force him, he would work 48 hours non-stop without a lunch break.
Vitus Wahllaender
Vitus WahllaenderConstruction Engineer, Carpenter, Founder of The Treehouseshop
We are happy to say that we could get Vitus Wahllaender – a trained construction engineer – to work in our team. He wrote his bachelor thesis about the attachment of beams on trees which makes him a perfect match for us. He optimized the American treehouse-screw for the european market and also founded Europes first onlineshop for treehouse supply – The Treehouseshop.
Tim Gemsjaeger
Tim GemsjaegerCarpenter and arborist
Tim has completed his carpentry training with us as one of the best apprentices ever. Now he follows his passions: climbing trees and building treehouses and longboards. Since he can do all with us, he hopefully will stay part of our team for a long time.
Paula Töpper
Paula TöpperApprentice
After her university degree in International Forest Science, we could win the gifted Paula to be part of our team. Whether a chestnut-leaf, dragon or owl – she convinces our clients with her imaginative woodcarvings and drafts painted in watercolors. She not only takes care of our good in-house ecological balance, but also for our late musical education. For example when she plays us some self-written songs on her violin after lunch.
Sebastian Hage
Sebastian HageInterior Design, Climbing Wall Constructor
Stable as a German oak, nothing can ever fluster Sebastian. He is Baumbarons Tiny (Tree-) House expert with a lot of experience in building solar- and photovoltaic systems. As a trained climbing wall constructor he is responsible for bombproof treehouse-features. He and his wife Maria also complete every treehouses interior in their saddlery and woodworking shop. There they craft high-grade leather cushions, custom corner benches and tables with mortise joints for our clients.
Josef Hitsch
Josef HitschCarpenter, Tree-Climber
When it comes to professional and at the same time adventurous suspension bridges, he is the man. Many days of snowboarding and kiting shaped every muscle in his body up to his stirrup, giving him the strength to lift the heavy treehouse-beams up in airy heights. Plus he likes to do that topless. Our pin-up man for every client. Apart from that he also does some awesome rigging at our worksites.
MollyWorksite Safety
Molli is monitoring the whole building process. She has an eye on everything bite- and chewable. Once she has sighted a dangerous object, it will quickly be eliminated. Or chewed up in its smallest parts. After graduation in retrieval of tools she also supports us in the finding of useful instruments.

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