Project Description

Another adventure playground rewards childrens hearts in the spruce forest. This treehouse is equipped with everything little adventurers could ask for. The play area is spread out over the span of three trees.
In the middle there is the treetop-basis for all kinds of professional mischief: the treehouse can be boarded by a climbing net and hurried down a firepole.
On the left and right sides of the hut there are two look-out platforms, connected via a dangerously swinging suspension bridge. Equipped with a spiral staircase and a comfortable wooden bench the bigger platform welcomes everyone to have a short break from caboodle-stress.
The smaller platform makes a perfect crow’s nest from where the own crew can be warned against dangers: kissing aunts, the neighbours dog and well-meaning parents. When discovered, there’s only one thing left to do: escape down the rapid stainless-steel slide. That was a close call!