Project Description

Four guys, one mission: „build a treehouse in only four hours“ – and that with cameras running. Through Peugeot the four winners experienced an unforgettable treehouse-workshop with our team. In summer rain, wind and fresh air the four friends skillful put together the treehouse with our guidance. The ultimate challenge: „prepare all the parts in a way so the treehouse can be set up during the shoot in one day.“ Pretty demanding and with the manually skilled winner team: absolutely doable. Hats off!
Wether a BBQ in the trees, a game of cards under the canopy or an open air night with the sleeping bag on the platform – the location of the treehouse couldn’t be more beautiful. A wonderful oak in rich green, right at an idyllic pond close to Dusseldorf. And the rain didn’t bother us. Between you and me: nothing better could have happened. How unbelievably comfortable it was to sit under the roof three meters above ground surrounded by drumming summer rain and just listen to the crackling. That’s all you need for an adventure.